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Sexual Facial Expression Laq
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Progressive sexual expression to enhance sexual experience for both your partner and you.



1) 6 progressive stages of sexual expression to cater for more roleplay scenarios;

- Relaxed :- for foreplay
- Normal :- for general love making
- Intense :- for higher pace love making
- Hard :- for when pain is involved
- Climax :- self-explanatory
- After :- exhaustion expression after making love.


2) Each stage contains up to 3 animation designs & 1 Mocap animation.

3) Options to choose whether to play specific animation or cycle through the animations randomly, within each stage.

4) Climax stage includes options to animate face only or include head animation.

5) Designed for Laqroki bento heads.

6) 3 eye options to better fit custom shapes.



Laqroki Ana, Gaia, Jade, Leia, Lulu, Nyx, Neve, Rebel, Rina, Scarlet, Skye, Viven, Bree & Poppy.

Secondlife Laq Sex Expression
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