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This product contains 2 sets of deformers - Naturals & Push Ups.



1) Allowed for breast shapes impossible to achieve using conventional secondlife slider.

2) Push up deformers designed to create suitable cleavage for different fashion needs.

3) Natural deformers designed to create a natural hanging look for braless attire or when topless.

4) Design based on Maitreya & Belleza Freya Body, should be compatible with other mesh bodies, however results may vary.



1) How many different Packs are there ?

Pack A:- recommended for breast size 50-60
Pack B:- recommended for breast size 60-70
Pack C:- recommended for breast size 70-80
Pack D:- recommended for breast size 80-90
Pack E:- recommended for breast size 90-100

2) What's the different between all the Packs ?
depth of the breast, smaller breast are closer to body compared to bigger breast.


3) Deformer interaction with breast sliders
Deformer overrides "Breast Buoyancy" and "Breast cleavage" sliders, "Breast Size" slightly affected.


4) Deformer interaction with Physics
Deformed breast reacts well with physics,


5) Deformer interaction with clothes & rigged attachment
All rigged attachments are supposed to fit any deformed breast, however, some mesh clothes might break

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