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1) can be synced with mama allpa pregnancy system, where the belly size will change automatically according to mama allpa's pregnant condition

2) Made of 9 belly sizes to experience more detailed pregnancy cycle.

3) Contains 9 individual mesh belly & 1 combined mesh (9 belly mesh linked together but only 1 is made visible)

4) Fitted for Maitreya Body only

5) UV map aligned to SLUV map, making the mesh compatible to existing skins & tattoo

6) Bakes on Mesh enabled, compatible with existing system skins & tattoo.


- Connection with Mama Allpa hud can be turn off if you wish to change belly size manually or use other pregnancy systems.


- To sync with Mama Allpa, both Mama Allpa & Pregnant Belly hud need to be worn at the same time

- Once connected with Mama Allpa hud, the belly hud checks for update at the tick of every hour (when the hour digit changes)

- The belly hud will then communicates with the mesh belly if there's any changes in pregnancy condition or belly size.

- Pregnancy condition can be updated immediately by clicking "refresh" button.

- At the begining of pregnancy (month 2), the belly hud is deliberately set to delay by 1-3 hours, so that your pregnancy will first be notified by Mama Allpa hud.

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- with BOM, appliers aren't needed

- All BOM & system skins can be applied to the Pregnant Belly mesh, however for best shading results, curvy & pregnant skins are recommended.

- the Pregnant Belly mesh does not compatible with Skins made specially for AMD's Baby Bump, due to misallignment of belly button.


- Being a BOM product, the pregnant belly can be used along with any applier clothing.

- On top of that, we are also creating fitted mesh clothing in-house to support this product,


- Due to the pregnant belly being a fitted mesh, it responses to animation movement, therefore, extreme animation poses will likely deform the belly.

- Fitted mesh also gets affected by the avatar shape. certain shapes with high body fat may deform the belly making it incompatible.

- Therefore, it's important to try demo to ensure your shape and AO is compatible with the product.


- you also get the option to wear each belly individually, however, you might need to setup an RLV pregnancy system for belly size changes. Please understand that we are not able to provide support for RLV setup.

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