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Using Progressive State Meter, PlayPussy can be set to change its appearance gradually as the meter progresses or regresses. The appearance parameters incorporated into the system are;

1) All PlayPussy shape slider information

2) All tinting information of every part, namely the Outer labia, Inner Labia, clitoris, and BOM layer

3) All shade layer settings, 

4) All arousal settings, such as clit throbbing intensity, wet inner thigh intensity, and all the settings on dripping wetness

Please note that the following data will be ignored by the meter;


1) Materials setting of every part

2) Outer labia and inner labia textures design

3) All the anus parameters

4) All sexual animations:- vagina opening, clitoris actions & orgasm contraction.

5) All messy sex information



Prior to starting the meter, Users would need to finalize;

i) type of meter; Horny, Lewd, Standard or AfterSex

ii) Progress Rate

iii) Regress Rate

iv) Initial State

v) Final State

All 4 meters are meant for different objectives and have different progress and regress function. However, user can only have one meter playing at any one time. Progress and Regress rate can be adjusted via a pop-up menu. 

Users need to set up the Initial State, which is how the PlayPussy looks like when the meter is at 0%. The same for Final State, at 100%. The system will then automatically intrapolate all the data in between. As the meter progresses, PlayPussy physical appearance will change gradually from the Initial State to the Final State. Please note that for some meters, it isn't a one way street, the meter can increases or decreases under different circumstances. 

- Once the meter is ongoing, all the parameters involved with the system would be grayed out & no changes can be made on them until the meter is stopped by user.

- Avsitter API works fine concurrently with the progressive meter.

- Export/Import function will be disabled when the meter is active.


Users have 4 choices of meter where they all have different function. However, only one can be chosen at one time.

To proceed, users have to finalize the settings for

1) Initial State

2) Final State

3) Progress Rate

4) Regress Rate

please note that all 4 meters have different progress and regress function

Start, Stop and Delete Button.

Progressive State Meter Status Bar

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