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All export/import steps involved only one Export/Import Hud. All the related data from your PlayPussy's current appearance can be exported. Data included for export are;

1) All sliders information

2) Outer Labia skin design and tone

3) Inner Labia design and tone

4) All tinting information of each part

5) All materials information of each part

6) All shade layer information

7) Anus design, tone and tinting information

However, the following infomation will not be included in the export data;

1) Vagina opening, and speed & depth animation

2) clitoris actions

3) Orgasm contraction

4) Sticky addon setting

5) Creampie setting

6) Squirt intensity

7) Dripping wetness setting

8) Inner thigh wetness setting

9) Clitoris throb setting

10) Progressive state meter setting and,

11) Manual state information

12) Pelvis extension alpha setting

The Export/Import Hud comes with step by step instructions, however, please note that the hud automatically deletes notecard whenever it rezzes on the ground.

Export Import Hud v0.06.png

Export/Import Hud

All the data will first be exported to local chat, be sure to copy everything in between the "Start" and "End" lines

All the data then be copied into a notecard and it's ready to be shared to others.

Be sure the notecard is named exactly "PlayPussy EX/IM"

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