Body Writing Main Hud v3.01 02 Breast v1

Body writing, also known as Graphoerotica is usually used as a degrading punishment to slaves. However, it can also be used in various adult roleplay situations or spice up your sexual activities.



1) Mix & Match

- Rigged Mesh Layer is divided into 11 separate body parts, which can be textured individually.
- Each body part has a list of 15 unique writing designs to choose from.
- 5 choices of colour for each body part.

2) Interactive

- Accessible by public, meaning anybody on the same region can "write" on your body after obtaining the shared hud.
- Shared hud can be sent out manually (Copy & Transfer perm), or automatically to whoever clicks your body while you're in Public access mode.
- Access can also be restricted to selected avatars on whitelist or only yourself.

3) Optimized Performance

- Rigged Mesh Layer is carefully aligned as close as possible to the body.
- All 165 body writing textures are made in 512x512 to reduce lag.
- Options to select alpha masking in case of alpha clash with other attachments.

How it Works


1) The product contains 1 Rigged Mesh Layer & 2 Huds.


2) Through "Body Writing Owner Hud", you're able to select writing designs & colour on each individual part of the mesh body layer. You're also able to;

i) Determine access mode,
ii) Select texture alpha mode,
iii) Save your preferred combination of writings.


3) In "Public Access Mode", whoever clicks your body will be given a "Body Writing Shared Hud", which can be used to connect & write on your body.


4) You can also grant access only to your trusted friends, by selecting "Private Access Mode", and add their names into whitelist.