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PlayPussy makes use of bento tail bones, which is incompatible with other bento tail products. Therefore, the proposed solution is to convert bento tails to animesh using a single script.

The reason for not making an animesh PlayPussy is the positioning. Body part attachments require very high accuracy for seamless results, which is not viable with animesh PlayPussy. On the other hand, tails are not as unforgiving and are much more appropriate to be made into animesh.



Below are the limitations of animesh conversion;

1) After conversion, the tail might not be able to retexture or controlled via hud because of original script removal.
2) More advanced animation settings such as AOs won't work anymore, however, our animesh script has additional animation features such as random or cycle.
3) Only modifiable tails can be converted
4) Certain tails with high lod may not be able to convert due to exceeding the max prim linkset limit of 256 prims after conversion.


To ensure smooth conversion, please follow the steps below for Conversion;

1) Identify the location of your tail's animations, it can be in the tail, hud, or separate animator engine.


2) drag all the animations into your inventory


3) In your inventory, delete non-related animation files, some creators use animations to position or extend the tail.


4) Rez bento tail onto the ground, and delete all animation files & scripts in the tail
note 1:- after script deletion, you won't be able to retexture the tail,
note 2:- if you're able to differentiate animation script from texture script, you can leave the texture script in the tail.
note 3:- animation script MUST be removed to avoid unwanted animation deforming PlayPussy

5) Rez a root prim on the ground, and make it invisible. To view invisible prim, press "Ctrl+Alt+T"


6) Drag the remaining animation files from your inventory into the root prim.


7) Drag "[CH] PlayPussy AnimeshTail Script b0.04" into the root prim.


8) Link the bento tail to the root prim
Step 1:- right-click the bento tail & select "edit"
Step 2:- Hold shift and left-click the root prim
Step 3:- click "link" on the edit window

9) Go to the "feature" tab and tick "animesh"


10) The tail is now converted to animesh, you can also rename the tail.


11) Take the animesh tail into your inventory


12) Right click the animesh tail in your inventory & attach it to "pelvis"


13) You should be able to see the animesh tail attached to your body, right click the tail & position it properly.


14) left click the root prim & you'll be able to see a pop-up window with animation choices.

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